Teuro Granen

Teuro Granen supplies the raw materials and by-products for animal feed production.

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  • Just-in-time delivery

    We are an organisation with strong logistics capabilities. We specialise in just-in-time delivery of raw materials, which allows lower levels of stock to be maintained. This ensures optimal stock control for our clients.

  • Flexible

    In addition to just-in-time delivery of raw materials, our logistics operations are flexible too. That means raw materials can often be ordered or cancelled at the last minute.

  • Dedicated flows

    We specialise in the provision of regular raw material flows. We do this for numerous large clients in the food and feed sector.

  • Wide range

    We carry a wide range of raw materials. See our product page for more information.


  • Wheat by-products

  • Triticale

  • Barley

  • Oats

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